A Buddha is a person determined to win

All in all, happiness and unhappiness lie nowhere but whitin one’s deep-seated ichinen. When viewed form the profound perspective of Buddhism, one’s strong ichinen to continously chant daimoku to the Gohonzon will become the source of all change.

In other words, your strong ichinen to continue chanting is the key to changing any situation for the better.

There are no Buddhas who suffer in poverty forever. And just as there are no cruel or malicious Buddhas, so too are there no weak, pallid Buddhas who allow life to defeat them.

A Buddha is another name for a person who is determined to win no matter what. (Daisaku Ikeda – SGI President)

[Ichinen= strong determination; Daimoku= Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, the Mystic Law and the title of the Lotus Sutra; Gohonzon= object of devotion which embodies each life and all the aspects of the universe]


One thought on “A Buddha is a person determined to win

  1. Ichinen – “uno” ma anche “una mente” o “un pensiero” e si riferisce alla vita che si manifesta in ogni momento della nostra esistenza.

    Sanzen – “tremila”, indica i fenomeni dell’universo: il numero tremila deriva dalla moltiplicazione dei diversi principi contenuti e costituenti ichinen sanzen.

    Mi piace


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